Middleburg Equine Clinic

35389 Millville Road Middleburg, VA 20117 Phone: (540) 687-5249 | Fax: (540) 687-6615 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


The Middleburg Equine Clinic was incorporated in 1982 as a progression of the practice founded by W.H. McCormick VMD in 1975. It was obvious in the ‘70’s that the Middleburg area could use a clinic. In the early eighties Mrs. Margaret Watters offered to sell some land that had formerly been part of the Hitt place for the express purpose of construction of a veterinary hospital. The Hitt family had owned the first winner of the Virginia Gold Cup as well as the present Middleburg Training Center and The Notre Dame Academy. In 1985 Mrs. Watters sold the land upon which the current Middleburg Equine Clinic stands to the partnership of Attorney Roy Lerman and W.H. McCormick VMD.​

In 1985 the Middleburg Equine Clinic employed one technician, Anne C. Morgan, and one non-owner veterinarian, Andrea L. Russell DVM. The services of architect Henry Rust were solicited to design the basic clinic as it now stands. The clinic has an esthetic courtyard center, is constructed of energy efficient split block, and is heated and cooled by a ground loop. Besides serving as the center of the M.E.C. ambulatory services, the clinic has efficiently incorporated the formal surgical practice of M. Norris Adams (2001-2005) as well as the internal specialty practice of Kate Savage (1998-2002).

Architect Henry Rust and Dr. McCormick labored over the design of the clinic for at least three years before the start of construction. The MEC has two efficient 16’ X 16’ exam/radiology/standing procedure rooms and three well ventilated, radiant heated, Norafloor® holding stalls. There is a separate down surgery and  recovery room, a laboratory, a laundry, a business office, reception, doctor’s office, storage area, drug supply room, apartment and student’s quarters.​

The reason that the Middleburg Equine Clinic is here is to serve the equine community by providing effective, timely delivered equine medicine and surgery at a reasonable cost to the horse owning public. That goal being established, the ultimate goal of the MEC is to improve the quality and scope of services with each successive year.